An Accessible Whiteboard

Working in a Wheelchair


“Do you know what sucks about being a woman in a wheelchair?”

Um. No. I’d only recently met this woman. She was a client and the first person I’d worked with professionally that was in a wheelchair. Working as a consultant when your client is in a wheelchair presented a new set of business etiquette. How much should I help? Do I move the chairs in the conference room for her? Do I ask her to get me a glass of water?

“No, what sucks about it?”

“The soap in the bathroom. The soap dispensers are all on the back of the sink against the wall, so I can’t reach them very well and when I try my arms get all wet from the water on the counter.”

Damn. That does suck. Just one more little thing that is between her and having a good day. No one likes soggy sleeves.

Being Tall

Our CEO is really tall. His official Slack title is simply: ‘Tallest’. So when I ran across this Buzzfeed article I was sure it would be ripe with new things to banter about: 21 Little Joys Tall People Will Never Get To Experience
And then I saw #10:

10. Standing normally to write on a whiteboard.

Haha. That’s funny. That guy is all crunched down. What if he was really short and had to stand on his tip toes?

What if he was in a wheelchair?

That’s when it hit me. If you are in a wheelchair and you have a hard time reaching the soap in the ladies room you don’t have a chance at joining in at a whiteboard discussion. Sure, you can reach some parts or ask people to draw things, but ideas flow best when the marker is in your hand and you can expand your ideas all over the board.

Limnu can fix that. It can facilitate tall people, short people, and people in wheelchairs all work together.

Limnu is the Accessible Whiteboard

We’ve been building Limnu to be used with remote teams so they can collaborate together. You could just as easily set up Limnu if you are in the same conference room.

Different collaborators can access the same whiteboard from their tablets and one person can AirPlay their tablet to a TV screen.



Give it a try and let us know what you think.