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Limnu is the Accessible Whiteboard

Limnu is built to connect people and get ideas flowing. Whether you are connecting people in different locations or connecting people that are different sizes and shapes, Limnu gets everyone on board together. 

We recently realized that Limnu could solve the problem of whiteboard accessibility. 

We also did some online searching to see what other options are out there. Go ahead and see for yourself. There are all sorts of expensive and complex solutions out there. Limnu solves the problem in a new way, we bring the whiteboard to the user, not the user to the whiteboard. And we do it all at a price anyone can afford

“Do you know what sucks about being a woman in a wheelchair?”

Um. No. I’d only recently met this woman. She was a client and the first person I’d worked with professionally that was in a wheelchair. Working as a consultant when your client is in a wheelchair presented a new set of business etiquette...

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Limnu is being used in schools all across the country. Some of the ways it's been used:

  • Share ideas with other educators across a school district. 
  • Collaborative brainstorming with a class. 
  • General explanation of material. 
  • Tutoring, in person and remote. 
  • Reviewing lesson plans with substitute teachers. 
  • And with students in wheelchairs or other accessibility needs. 
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The best way to know if Limnu will work for your needs is to get in and try it. You can try it right now, for free, no sign up, no credit card. 

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Do you have unique needs or a story to share about how Limnu has helped your accessibility issues? We'd love to hear about it!