Limnu is your Slack whiteboard

The online whiteboard you’ve been looking for

Sketch, share, collaborate, and brainstorm with your team like never before.

To add a Limnu integration to your Slack channel, login to your Limnu account then go My Profile › Integrations › Slack.  Then all you need to do is click the Add To Slack button!


Ever tried to explain something complex with just text?

Of course you have.

You’ve gone the rounds trying to explain it. Then gone the rounds again. If you were in the same room, you’d just draw it. But you’ve got people in New York, Singapore, Berlin… and one guy on a beach in Bali.

BOOM! Just /limnu and you’re all on board working quickly and visually.


Limnu brings a whiteboard to your Slack team

Draw, share, annotate… all as fast as you can think.

Sketch an idea or workflow. Drag in some photos, draw over them. Add comments with sticky notes or marker fonts right on the board.

Work like you’re all in the same room at a real whiteboard.

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Integration Instructions

Once you’ve logged in, it’s an easy one-button setup… just click the Add To Slack button!

Usage Instructions

Creating a new team whiteboard is as easy as sending a message in Slack.

In Slack, just type /limnu

That’s it. You can add a name to your board if you want (/limnu Simple sketch), or just hit return and off you go.

Everyone will get a link and seconds later you’ll be drawing together.

"Using Limnu with Slack helps me express my ideas and collaborate, visually, without the fear of standing at a whiteboard."

Peter Swearengen

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