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Limnu is the best whiteboarding experience around—no wonder so many businesses decide to put Limnu in their app!

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  • I just wanted to push the Powered by Limnu button. 

    Awesome! You did it so well! Did you know we have an an iOS app and an Android app if you want to use Limnu on your own? You can also sign up and use it online. 

  • I want to learn more about Limnu. 

    Great, the best place to start is at the beginning—go to the Limnu homepage ›

  • I need some help. 

    Check out the Limnu FAQ and Support page here › If you have questions or need help with the app you came from you'll need to go back and find their support. Unfortunately we don't have their answers and while we could make something up that probably wouldn't actually help you. 

  • I want to embed Limnu in my app or software. 

    Great, we can't wait to see how our twin powers combine! Head on over to our API page and you can make a business inquiry and see what we have to offer.