Put the Power of Limnu in Your App

The best whiteboard experience—directly in your platform or app. Limnu is ready to be part of your strategy.

The Limnu API brings the power of brainstorming and collaboration to your app or platform. You handle your business, we'll handle your whiteboard API needs. 

Whether you use Limnu as a central gathering place for your users to share and express ideas or include it as a nice-to-have-feature our API is ready to support whatever you can dream up. 

We offer both Limnu-branded and private-label presentation with robust user tracking and reporting.

Interested in learning more? Drop us a note below and we'll work with you to find the best fit. 

Limnu Whiteboard API Features

  • No downloads required. Your users are ready to go from within your app. 

  • No user registration necessary. When you embed Limnu in your app, we do everything possible to reduce friction for your users.

  • Works on all devices—desktop, tablets, mobile phones. iOS and Android supported. 

  • Real-time collaboration as fast as being in the same room. No lag, not latency. 

  • We've got you. Limnu fully hosts user sessions, uploaded files, and all other aspects of the whiteboard use. 

  • Customize whiteboards to include only the features you need. Already have a video solution? No problem, you can exclude our video. Even modify menu items for each of your customers.

  • Need a special feature? We can work with you to develop just what you need.

Don't have a development team?

WordPress Plugin Available

  • Our plugin allows you to easily embed whiteboards into your WordPress website. No development required!

Professional Services Available

  • Ask us about our awesome professional service team. They can build your website, embed whiteboards into an existing website/application, or make you a strong cup of coffee.

Limnu Whiteboard API Business Inquiry

Tell us a little bit about how you want to use Limnu in your platform or app. We'll review it with our team and set up a meeting to discuss pricing and options.

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