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Function: userCreate


userCreate creates a Limnu user, and returns a user ID and authentication token. You should create a single Limnu user for each of your application’s users, and store the ID and token in your own user records. The ID and token are required to connect to a board, and (in the future) will be used for things like analytics, access restriction, and so forth.

Besides the apiKey, the only mandatory parameter is the user’s displayName. Limnu does not require your app to turn over any information which would uniquely identify your users.


Input parameters:

  1. apiKey: string - the private API key issued by Limnu to developers.
  2. displayName: string - the user’s displayed name.

Response attribute details: userId

userId is the permanent, unique identifier for the new Limnu user. You should store this in your application user’s record.

Response attribute details: token

token is the authentication token required as a parameter to the board URL so that the user can access the board (see the boardCreate call for details). You should store this in your application’s user record.

Response attribute details: secret

secret is a permanent code which will be required for changing the Limnu user’s attributes. You should store this in your application’s user record. You should not allow the user to see this code.

Example data

Example of correct JSON input:


"apiKey": "K_isR4E6qcQamY0NxFuKa9aw7k5hssRBQXuqpStgR1qU1A",

"displayName": "Mr. Grue"


Example of JSON output from a successful call:


"success": true,

"userId": "U_wli1TdLjTladq9",

"token": "eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbG",

"userId": "s_xpRO3TbfR7KAbT"


Example of JSON output from a failed call:


"success": false,

"reason": "Backend error. Please contact support@limnu.com"


Command Line Testing

Here’s an example of how to test boardImageURLUpload from the command line:

curl \

https://api.limnu.com/v1/userCreate \

--request POST \

--header "Content-Type: application/json" \

--data @userCreate.json


The contents of the file named boardImageURLUpload.json are:


"apiKey": "K_isR4E6qcQamY0NxFuKa9aw7k5hssRBQXuqpStgR1qU1A",

"displayName": "Mr. Grue"