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Function: boardInfo


boardInfo sets properties that are associated with a board.


Input parameters:

  • apiKey: string - the API key issued by Limnu to developers.
  • boardId: string - the id of the board you would like to modify
  • leader: string - (Optional) the id of the user that will become the current leader of the board.
  • creator: string - (Optional) the id of the user that will become the creator of the board. The creator is also an admin. There is only one creator. Once it is set, through boardInfo or boardCreate, it cannot be changed.
  • soloDraw: boolean - (optional) By default, the value of soloDraw for new boards is
    false, and all users can edit the board. If true, only admins can edit the board.
  • public: boolean - (optional) If true, users can by default access the board. (In other words, any user who loads the URL for a board can access it.) If false, users must be set as the creator, leader or must have a boardRole specifying enabled before they can access the board. A user without permission sees an error message if they attempt to access the board URL.
  • type}: enum {string - “whiteboard”, “blackboard” or “greaseboard” - (optional) Sets the type of the board to one of three options.
  • displayName: string - (optional) Sets the display name of the board.

Response Attributes:

The current value of each of the above attributes is returned in the response.