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Function: boardDelete


boardDelete will delete the Limnu board specified in the input parameters, provided that board is owned by your account.

If your account is on a payment model that involves paying per board, use of this function will prevent any further usage from accruing for the board in question.

Note that this will not delete the activity history for the board as reported by boardUsage and userUsage. That data will be preserved as it is how we bill usage.


Input parameters:

  • apiKey: string - the private API key issued by Limnu to developers.
  • boardId: string - the id of the board you wish to delete, as issued by boardCreate.
  • redirectUrl: string - (Optional) If this value is present, users actively connected to the board when boardDelete is called will be redirected to redirectUrl.

Example data

Example of correct JSON input:


"apiKey": "K_isR4E6qcQamY0NxFuKa9aw7k5hssRBQXuqpStgR1qU1A",

"boardId": "B_B7LyhbF2QGaCV4"


Example of JSON output from a successful call:


"success": true


Example of JSON output from a failed call:


"success": false,

"reason": "No such board: B_B7LyhbF2QGaCV4"


Command Line Testing

Here’s an example of how to test boardDelete from the command line

curl \

https://api.limnu.com/v1/boardDelete \

--request POST \

--header "Content-Type: application/json" \

--data @boardDelete.json


The contents of the data file named boardDelete.json are:


"apiKey": "K_isR4E6qcQamY0NxFuKa9aw7k5hssRBQXuqpStgR1qU1A",

"boardId": "B_B7LyhbF2QGaCV4"}