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Menu Control Options


Use the following URL parameters to control what menu items to display for all or some of your customers.


These parameters control the panes that are loaded when you click the person menu button, far right:

  • cb=chat Opens the chat tab. If chat=0, hide the chat pane.
  • cb=pins Opens the pins tab. If pins=0, hide the pins pane.
  • cb=people Opens the people tab. If people=0, hide the people pane.
  • cb=video Opens the video tab. If video=0, hide the video pane.
  • cb=videogo Opens the video and start videoconferencing.
  • cb=0 Hides the person menu entirely.

These parameters control other menu items:

  • mnpn=0 Hides Add Pins from the more menu.
  • mnxp=0 Hides Export in the more menu.
  • cm=1 Makes the Add File on the toolbar instead of the more menu.
  • cm=2 Removes notes & labels
  • cm=3 Does both cm=1 & cm=2.
  • cm=4 Removes most tools except for drawing and notes/labels