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Students join for free

Students don't need a paid account to join your boards - they join on a free account or as a guest. There is no limit to the number of students you can share with or the boards you create.

Realistic markers & drawing tools

Limnu is as easy to use as picking up a marker and drawing on a real whiteboard. The sketchy markers and shapes makes collaboration fun.

Drop-in content

Add worksheets, pages from textbooks, and other content to your whiteboard. Annotate on top to answer problems, discuss mistakes, or explain concepts. Students on tablets or phones can snap a picture of their school work and add to the board. Supports PDFs, JPEGs, PNGs, Power Point, Excel and Word Documents.

Video Conferencing

Feel like you are in the same room when using our built-in video conferencing. Supports up to 8 participants so you can teach one-on-one or larger classes. Chat lets you and your students ask questions, post links or tell a joke.

Collaborative or Solo Draw Modes

Anyone on your board can draw while in collaborative mode. Switch to Solo Draw so only you can edit while students view your updates. Solo draw is useful with larger classes or when students visit your board between tutoring sessions.

Navigational Pins

Our boards are huge so don’t worry about running out of space. Pins make it easy to tag content so and your students can jump back to it at a later date. Use pins to break larger classes into groups to collaborate on problems.


Want to ensure your students follow you around your whiteboard? Turn on leading and both of you will always be on the same page.
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Embed a whiteboard in your website

Need a whiteboard embedded in your website or tutoring platform? Our API allows you to bring the power of Limnu whiteboards straight to your customers. We offer both Limnu-branded and white-label presentation with robust user tracking and reporting.

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