Tutors use Limnu whiteboards to collaborate on math problems with students.

Business analysts use Limnu whiteboards to brainstorm on process flows with stakeholders.

Distributed engineering teams use Limnu whiteboards to collaborate on state diagrams.

Product teams use Limnu whiteboards to prioritize product features.

Freelance designers use Limnu whiteboards to review storyboards with remote clients.

Or collaborate on a zen doodle as a team building exercise.


Limnu is for what a real whiteboard is for: sketching your ideas with other people quickly.


Limnu is people drawing together. Problem solving and brainstorming is a team effort. Limnu doesn't just make that possible, Limnu makes it easy.

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Limnu keeps things simple. It's just what you need when you're brainstorming your ideas, video conferencing, or meeting online.

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Features & Integrations

Limnu is the smarter whiteboard. The best way to check out our features is to get in and use it.

Super Simple

Limnu is as easy to use as picking up a traditional marker and starting to draw.


In Limnu there are no edge boundaries. There is space big enough for your biggest ideas and a handy indicator to help you find them again.

Group Collaboration

Limnu is built for teams. Invite your team to your boards to share ideas, workflows, or play a wicked game of tic-tac-toe.


Share with anyone—your Slack team, your clients, your coworkers, your mom—whether they have a paid account or a free one.

Board Organization

Board organization lets you search, sort and bulk-edit your white boards.

Save Your Ideas

No more writing ‘Do not erase’ or taking photos of whiteboards. Limnu gives you as many boards as you need. Keep all your ideas safe. Available on pro and team plans.

Lots of Little Details

Limnu has the smoothest drawing and fastest refresh around. We added just enough features to make it sing, but without losing what makes brainstorming easy, fun, and fast.

App & Browser Access

Work on your ideas from anywhere. Limnu works on all the latest web browsers, and we have an iOS app. Limnu is everywhere, so you can work on your ideas where ever you are.

Security Controls

Control how your team shares whiteboards—restrict them to your organization, let everyone share everything, or fine tune to meet your exact privacy and security needs. Available on team plans.

Team Admin Controls

Our team admin controls keep everyone working together securely. Team admins can choose who has access. If they can share and if they can invite. Manage your team from one interface so when your Danny is replaced by a Jenny you can update your team quickly. Available on team plans.

Super Simple

Limnu is where your team is. Get everyone on board in a matter of seconds. Brainstorm and video chat together. More great integrations in the pipeline. Looking for something specific? Let us know.

Limnu Integration with Slack Coming Soon

Whiteboards for your team. Draw together.

slack-whitebkg-roundcornersWe love using Slack with our team and bet you do too. Our slack integration is being upgraded and will be released again soon.

Latest News

Here’s what’s new with Limnu. What’s new with you?

Get everyone on the same page with Limnu's Leading Feature

Nov 01, 2022

If you’re presenting content or explaining concepts to other people on your whiteboard, it’s important that everyone is always on the same page, literally! Our Leading mode ensures that everyone on your whiteboard is always in the same location on the whiteboard as you.

Customer Stories

Limnu is being used by thousands of people around the world. Check out our customer stories for some unique ways that people are using our online whiteboard.

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Companies Who Have Taken Limnu for A Test Drive

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What Customers Say About Using Limnu

I work with people from Africa and Middle east, and found out, that Limnu is superb to use, when we communicate. A painting or a picture can tell more exactly, when I have to explain something for them, when they don't speak well danish.

Bjarne H. (Denmark)

I am a full-time online math tutor, and so far am impressed by your online whiteboards. The low resource usage and infinite space are two features which are really important to me. I need to be able to write quickly, and never run out of room!

Matt L

Limnu delivers a simple, smooth drawing experience. Drawing with a mouse in a browser feels remarkably fluid, and drawing with a stylus on an iPad in Limnu is impressive.

Andy W.

If the most authentic white board experience is what you are after, then look no further than Limnu.

The Limnu User Experience stands out amongst the challengers as one of the strongest, replicating the visual and almost physical experience of writing on a white board with markers. Not to mention, easy to understand and quick to navigate menus.

Matt G

Guys, I gotta say: I've been trying a few other tools and you guys rock! All in all we love it, the team would not work half as well without Limnu, you are total lifesavers!

Thanks a ton!

Rod L.

I love Limnu, as do my students. The feedback I get is that they love having me be able to watch them as they study.

I have seen such an increase in grades since I have started using Limnu as a study tool. It is awesome.

Shai M

Really excellent product. We work remotely full time with an office in Minneapolis and another in San Francisco but collaborate very closely and we've been looking for something like this. We've tried other ones and they've all frankly sucked. Yours is outstanding.

James D.

Limnu is fantastic. Thank you for addressing the need for a simple, collaborative brainstorming tool. We have staff working remotely, and a big frustration had always been sketching on our board and not being able to have those team members easily view what was being sketched or written.

Limnu not only takes care of that issue me, but also allows them to actually add their own input and ideas simultaneously.

Diego A.

Although there are other options on the market, Limnu stands out for its simplicity and quality.

[translated from Portuguese]

Rodolfo P.
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Some testimonials have been edited for length and clarity. 

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