Get everyone on the same page with Limnu's Leading Feature

If you’re presenting content or explaining concepts to other people on your whiteboard, it’s important that everyone is always on the same page, literally! Our Leading mode ensures that everyone on your whiteboard is always in the same location on the whiteboard as you.

Limnu whiteboards are nearly infinite so you have plenty of space for all your content. When you turn on Leading, regardless if you pan around the board, zoom in or out, or jump to a Pin, everyone on the board follows your location and zoom level.
Check out this short video on how Leading works.

How to turn on Leading

  1. Go to the person menu at the lower right hand corner of your board.
  2. Select the person icon at the top of the menu.
  3. Select Start Leading (for smaller screens it might just say Leading).
Turning on or off Leading happens instantly - no page refresh required.

You can lead while the board is in Solo Draw mode (only the admin of the board can draw) or in Collaboration mode (anyone on the board can sketch) so that others can interact with content as you lead them around the board.

Don’t see the Leading button? Only Admins can lead!
Teachers will be happy to know that only board admins can turn on Leading. You can let other people on your board lead by making them an admin (select Board Admin in the Hamburger menu).

Steps for testing Leading:

Want to test out how Leading works before starting your whiteboard session with others? Follow these steps. You can also use this method to test how people will see other Limnu features while on your board (e.g. when you sketch or write, what Solo Draw looks like, etc.).
  • 1. Log onto Limnu

  • 2. Create a board

  • 3. Select Share Board from the Hamburger menu in the bottom left corner (button with the three horizontal lines)

  • 4. Turn on Link Sharing

  • 5. Open the board using the shared link in another device, or in an incognito/private browser window (e.g. in Chrome select File > New Incognito Window)

  • 6. Scroll to the bottom of You've Been Invited page and select Guest Login

  • 7. Go back to the device/browser that you used to create the board and turn on Leading. Move around the board. Watch what happens in the other browser.

Please note: if you open the board in another tab of the browser you used to create the board then Limnu will automatically log you in as yourself. This won't enable you to see how other people see what you are doing on the board.

Leading Best Practices

Turn on Leading before others join the board
To make sure everyone starts in the same area of the whiteboard, turn on Leading mode at the start of your meeting. If you want everyone to collaborate without Leading on, then turn Leading off once the majority of people have joined your board. Any latecomers can use the Person icons to quickly find others on the whiteboard.
Bring everyone back together after a breakout session
Many people use the same board for breakout sessions by using Pins to designate each group’s area. When the breakout session is over, turn on Leading to get people back together quickly.
Present your whiteboard content like a pro!
By using a combination of Leading mode, Pins and Hotkeys you can present your whiteboard content to your students, colleagues or potential customers. Check out this video to learn how.

Be a Board Leader Today!