My board is black, gray or I can't see drawings

Is your board black or gray when it's not supposed to? Are you unable to draw on the board or see other collaborator's strokes? Is there a small frowning face in the upper left corner of your board?
Here are things to do to try to fix it:
  • 1. Ensure "Hardware acceleration" is turned on in your browser and/or your device. This article explains how to check.

  • 2. Switch to a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

  • 3. Close other browser tabs - especially ones using a lot of graphics (e.g. video games).

  • 4. Close any applications that may be using a lot of CPU or are graphics heavy.

If none of these work please contact us using the support form below. Please include what operating system and browser versions you are using.

How to stop Pins from being added when uploading files

When you add a file (image, document, PDF, etc.) to your whiteboard a pin will automatically be added. Pins allow you to quickly navigate to content on your board. But. sometimes people don't want pins automatically added.
Follow these steps to stop Pins from automatically being added to the board on content:
  • 1. On your Boards Page select the drop down menu in upper right

  • 2. Select Profile

  • 3. Uncheck Add pins to uploaded content

  • 4. To get back to your boards select My Boards or Team Boards from the drop down menu in the upper right.

How do I get out of zoom mode?

Suddenly find yourself stuck in zoom mode? If you are using a stylus with a button on the side this is likely the culprit.
To fix this change your stylus settings so the side button is disabled.
Check out this example of how to disable side button for a Wacom pen in the Wacom Desktop center:
Not using a stylus with a side button but still stuck in zoom mode? Shoot us an email to let us know.

Chrome is telling me that my browser isn't compatible, what do I do?

If you are using a current version of Chrome there might be an issue with WebGL support.

Here are three quick things you can check:

  1. Go to chrome://settings/, scroll to the bottom and click Show advanced settings..., and make sure Use hardware acceleration when available in the System category is checked and turned on.
  2. Visit to verify whether you have WebGL working, and if not it'll have a link to a support website.
  3. Recently, Chrome seems to have blacklisted some 3D graphics hardware that was previously approved. You can work around this by going to chrome://flags. Look for a setting called Override software rendering list and make sure it is enabled. (You'll need to restart Chrome after changing this setting.) After you've enabled it and restarted, the flag should look like this:


If none of that gets you going quickly, please let us know and we'll help you out.

I'm having an issue in Safari private browsing...

Yeah, we know. Limnu uses cookies to store your sessions. Unfortunately this means that when Safari is in Private mode on your computer or mobile device you won't be able to login and use Limnu. Switch to the regular Safari browser and you'll be good to go.