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Stylus Reviews, part 2

Welcome back to our series of blog posts reviewing drawing styluses. If you're catching up, the tl;dr is that we test a lot of styluses and devices while creating the collaborative whiteboard software that is Limnu, and we thought we'd tell you what we've learned about those styluses. You can find the previous post here.

Rechargeable Apex

I'll start with the Rechargeable Apex by Lynktec.

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Stylus Reviews, part 1

A while back I wrote a post about what I thought about drawing with a mouse or on a trackpad (spoiler: it's like drawing with a bar of soap). Since then, we've received a lot of requests from our users to what styluses we like, especially for a collaborative online whiteboard like Limnu.

Since we regularly test Limnu on a whole pile of devices with a wide variety of styluses, I thought I'd start a series of blog posts talking about what we've learned. This first post covers two styluses.

Pinpoint Precision Stylus

The first is the Pinpoint Precision Stylus (3rd Gen), made by The Joy Factory.

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