Posts on Jul 2016

Introducing Solo Draw Mode

Many of our customers asked to be able to turn off collaboration temporarily, and prevent anyone else from drawing for a while. This feature is handy if you need to talk about your initial ideas before you collaborate, or focus the conversation and set the right context before letting everyone loose on your board.

We love giving you things you ask for, so here's Solo Draw mode!

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Building Better Customers — An Interview with Our Marketing Consultant

Our marketing consultant, Sunny Hunt of Hunt Interaction, was featured on the FS Local Blog. 

Building Better Customers – Behind the Business with Sunny Hunt of Hunt Interaction

Check out the great interview (and maybe catch a glimpse of Limnu in there as well)! She talks about her business strategy, stories from the trenches, and advice for aspiring business owners. 

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What is Premultiplied Alpha? A Primer for Artists.

If you work with digital images that have transparency in them, and use any software besides Photoshop, you might run into the term “premultiplied alpha.” Texture artists, compositors, film-makers, technical directors, game artists, and graphics programmers all run into premultiplied alpha sooner or later. Premultiplied alpha sounds like a mathematical mouthful, so what does it mean?

Despite the intimidating "mathy" sounding name, premultiplied alpha is actually a very simple and non-technical concept. Let me break it down for you.

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So there was this recursive hot dog...

We're big fans of hot dogs at Limnu. We weighed in on the "is a hot dog a sandwich" way back in November. This time though, we've outdone ourselves.

A few of us were at a BBQ last night when a friend's kid said, "I wonder what it would taste like if we blended a hot dog, bun and everything, into a smoothie". Dave (our CTO), who is never one to turn down a good time, said, "I'm sure they have a blender here!". Next thing you know, we're in the kitchen blending a hot dog. Little more ketchup, little apple juice to smooth it out, and just like that, hot dog pâté.

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