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Introducing Solo Draw Mode

Many of our customers asked to be able to turn off collaboration temporarily, and prevent anyone else from drawing for a while. This feature is handy if you need to talk about your initial ideas before you collaborate, or focus the conversation and set the right context before letting everyone loose on your board.

We love giving you things you ask for, so here's Solo Draw mode!

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SMOTE Visualization, for (Data) Science!

Visualization of the SMOTE algorithm

My bus ride to and from the Limnu office is about half an hour each way. I like to spend that time listening to podcasts. I like all kinds of them: science, comedy, news, arts, startup advice (natch), and everything in between.

I recently started listening to Linear Digressions hosted by Katie Malone and Ben Jaffe, and it's already one of my favorites. They talk about data science and machine learning, and they present it in a very approachable way.

Whoa, hang on! I know some of you saw that previous paragraph and thought "well, that's not for me".  Bear with me for a minute: it's not as scary as it sounds, it's actually pretty cool. And this post ends with a photo of some amazing coastlines.  Stick around, this will be fun!

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