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Introducing Solo Draw Mode

Many of our customers asked to be able to turn off collaboration temporarily, and prevent anyone else from drawing for a while. This feature is handy if you need to talk about your initial ideas before you collaborate, or focus the conversation and set the right context before letting everyone loose on your board.

We love giving you things you ask for, so here's Solo Draw mode!

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How to Avoid Communication Pitfalls as a Remote Worker

Limnu Remote Team Communications

Communication. It’s tricky. Sometimes what you mean and what you say come out in two totally different ways. Adding to this sticky wicket is technology, distance as a remote worker, and the many opportunities it brings to mangle your communication.

Sometimes you’re in a hurry, sometimes your mood can color the tone of what you’re reading, and sometimes you just don’t fully understand what’s communicated because there’s just something …missing.

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Quality of idea vs. Quality of image

For me, the best thing about rough sketches is this:

The quality of an idea can be separate from the quality of the drawing.

Is the sketch enough for you to recognize this?
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Draw Your Idea For Me

I've been lucky enough to work with some amazing artists.  I've also worked with people who have a hard time drawing a stick figure.  But when you're brainstorming and problem solving with a team (which is what Limnu is designed for), it turns out that you don't have to be an accomplished sketch artist.  You just have to be willing to pick up a marker and draw in front of someone else.
One of the very talented artists I worked with is a guy named James Buckhouse.  He recently wrote an article called "If you can draw these three shapes, you can draw the Internet", where he demonstrates that with a circle, a triangle, and a rectangle you've got the building blocks to communicate almost any idea in your head... three shapes is, more or less, all you ever need.

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