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Introducing Solo Draw Mode

Many of our customers asked to be able to turn off collaboration temporarily, and prevent anyone else from drawing for a while. This feature is handy if you need to talk about your initial ideas before you collaborate, or focus the conversation and set the right context before letting everyone loose on your board.

We love giving you things you ask for, so here's Solo Draw mode!

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So there was this recursive hot dog...

We're big fans of hot dogs at Limnu. We weighed in on the "is a hot dog a sandwich" way back in November. This time though, we've outdone ourselves.

A few of us were at a BBQ last night when a friend's kid said, "I wonder what it would taste like if we blended a hot dog, bun and everything, into a smoothie". Dave (our CTO), who is never one to turn down a good time, said, "I'm sure they have a blender here!". Next thing you know, we're in the kitchen blending a hot dog. Little more ketchup, little apple juice to smooth it out, and just like that, hot dog pâté.

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Using Limnu to Help Create our Explainer Video

Limnu has been around for a while now and we've been asked several times for an explainer video to show what makes Limnu so special. Working with some guys from the film industry means we can have some pretty big ideas. As in, "you worked on the Matrix, right? So our video should..." And yet, it didn't. No video. For months, no video.

To be fair, we're busy creating new features, releasing our teams offering and celebrating teams week, diving deep into concepts like premultiplied alpha. And still, there's no video. Sometimes you have to look at your time and budget (we don't actually have a Matrix-sized budget, imagine that!) and see what's realistic. We were invited to present at a Product Hunt meetup hosted by Big Door

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Limnu Presents at LaunchUp: Recap

We want to thank LaunchUp for hosting us last night. We had a great time presenting alongside GoBacon and Axon Optics

This was one of our first public presentations and we are glad it went over so well. Thank you to the other startups, entrepreneurs, friends, and family that attended. The audience had some good questions and feedback and the breakout session had a crowd that wanted to try out Limnu. 

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Our new Slack integration: simpler, better, faster

Slack has recently made it possible for us to simplify our Slack-Limnu integration process down to pushing a single button. You used to have to follow a whole page of instructions to get the integration working. Now, we are not pulling your leg or jingling your bell when we say it's so easy, it's ridiculous.

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Sometimes you just need to make room

Have you ever sketched something on a whiteboard, needed to squeeze in a new idea that doesn't fit, and realized you didn't quite plan it out like a boss? We have! But you shouldn't have to plan out a brainstorm, right? So Limnu just got a pretty big upgrade, and now you can select and move all the things! 

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How's your cursive?

One of my favorite ways to test Limnu is writing stream-of-consciousness words to myself in cursive. Who writes in cursive anymore? I don't know, probably no-one, but it's fun. Sometimes I find myself suddenly staring at existential questions I can't answer.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 6.22.27 PM


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Limnu's secret codes

It has come to our attention that You need some keyboard shortcuts for desktop computers, and general improvements in Limnu's toolbox design. We have further discovered that some of you end up with an even more favorable opinion of Limnu when you discover that Limnu already has a few secret codes to make it easier to use.

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Slack integration

We've added a Slack integration to Limnu! It is really basic at the moment, but it lets you create a shared Limnu board right from Slack using a "slash command", and then everyone who's in the same channel where you typed the command will get a link to the new board.

Make a board:

Slack Integrate
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It pays to learn Limnu

Two weeks ago we quietly released several big changes to the way Limnu handles first-time users.

Quite a few people asked us for a way to try Limnu without signing up, and we have obliged! Now instead of needing to enter an email to start drawing, click "Try it Free", enter a nickname and you're in.

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