It pays to learn Limnu

Two weeks ago we quietly released several big changes to the way Limnu handles first-time users.

Quite a few people asked us for a way to try Limnu without signing up, and we have obliged! Now instead of needing to enter an email to start drawing, click "Try it Free", enter a nickname and you're in.

Free Trial

Once you're convinced this is the online whiteboard for you, sign-up with an email address and you'll quickly find the new learning objectives & rewards system in Limnu. It tracks your progress on a few things that will help you learn and enjoy Limnu, and pays you for completing them with free premium time:

Free Trial

Okay, we freely admit that those last two sharing tasks are, in part, self promotion; Limnu needs to grow so we can keep building better features for you. But, Limnu isn't meant for one person to sketch alone, we're building this so you can have conversations. Limnu is more fun when you draw with someone else at the time same. Don't take our word for it, try it!

What do you get with premium time?

  • Boards never expire
  • More board types
  • More maker colors & sizes
  • Unlimited background images
  • And more!
Go give it a whirl, there are several ways to try out everything Limnu has to offer before you pay a dime.