Video conferencing now available on Limnu whiteboards

We are super excited to announce the launch of video conferencing in Limnu. Now you can see and talk to the people you are collaborating with on a whiteboard. It’s almost like you're in the same room!

Check out our video to see how easy video conferencing is.

How to start a video conference call

Admins of boards, or any team member on a TEAM plan, can start a video call. Check the mirror then follow these steps to start your video call:


Select the Person icon at the bottom right-hand corner, or use hotkeys Shift-V on a desktop.

This will open the Video Panel

Click on the video pane icon at the top, if it is not already selected.


Select Enter Video Room and allow your microphone and camera.

BOOM! You started your video conference call!

Now anyone invited to collaborate on your board can join your call. People already on your whiteboard will see that the video has started and should follow the STEP 1 & STEP 2.

People who join the board when a call is in progress skip straight to STEP 2. The Video Panel will automatically open when they join the board.

Once you are in the conference call you can mute your microphone or turn on and off your camera. You can also change which camera, microphone or speaker you want to use by selecting the gear icon in the Video Panel.

To exit your video conference call select Leave Room. This ends the call only for you. People will remain on the call until they select Leave Room.

Other helpful hints

If the Video Panel is in the way you can close it by selecting the Person icon. This will not turn off your camera or microphone. Everyone can still see and hear you. You can expand the Video Panel to take up the entire screen by selecting the Full Screen icon on the upper right-hand corner. On a desktop you can also change the size of the Video Panel to be bigger or smaller by dragging the sides or top of the Video Panel.

Paid plans receive unlimited video calling time

If you are on a PRO plan or a member of a paid TEAM you can video conference to your heart’s content! This includes anyone you are collaborating with who is on your whiteboard, regardless of their plan.

Free plans are limited to 30 minutes of video calling time (except if you are on a board created by a paid customer).

On a free plan? Subscribe to get unlimited calls

Not on any plan? Give Limnu a try by signing up for a 14-day free trial. You’ll get all the benefits of a paid plan including unlimited calling time!

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