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So there was this recursive hot dog...

We're big fans of hot dogs at Limnu. We weighed in on the "is a hot dog a sandwich" way back in November. This time though, we've outdone ourselves.

A few of us were at a BBQ last night when a friend's kid said, "I wonder what it would taste like if we blended a hot dog, bun and everything, into a smoothie". Dave (our CTO), who is never one to turn down a good time, said, "I'm sure they have a blender here!". Next thing you know, we're in the kitchen blending a hot dog. Little more ketchup, little apple juice to smooth it out, and just like that, hot dog pâté.

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Drawing for Memory

A while back, a friend of mine took a physiology course. She started having trouble because rote memorization isn't really her thing. We spent a long time talking about how to make it easier for her to get the information from the course to stick in her head.

Initially, she was trying to memorize information in the form of a block of text, like this:

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What the hell is that?

Guest Limnu doing some abstract sketching. Drawn by friend-of-the-team Drew Olbrich.

We have no idea what it is, but we like that he's sketching on Limnu!


Sketch: Lerp, Unlerp, and Remap

One of my favorite and most often used functions of all time is “remap”. That is not a standard name, it’s just what I call it. Remap is a more general version of the well known "lerp", which if you haven’t heard of it before, comes from smooshing the words “linear" & "interpolate” together, and remap can be built using lerp and its inverse, "unlerp".

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