Posts on Nov 2015

Limnu featured in Daily Utah Chronicle

Jack Porter from the Daily Utah Chronicle reviewed Limnu for a recent article on digital collaboration tools. Limnu founders David (grue) DeBry and Dave Hart, both U grads, are passionate about the need to brainstorm in modern work teams.

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Put some sticky notes on your whiteboard

Last week we added sticky notes to Limnu. Forget about how useful they are, aren't they just adorable, all yellow and square?

Limnu_2015_11_10 (1) notes

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PSGraphics reviews new iPad Pro (and Limnu!)

Our friend and angel investor Pete Shirley took a spin with the new iPad Pro and has pronounced it fit to be used, especially along with Limnu. He is enthusiastic about the size of the new device and declares it a win "just because of physical portability and fluidity".

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