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Limnu is growing by leaps and bounds! Check out our release notes below to see all the latest goodies and fixes. Looking for a specific feature or have run into a bug? Let us know.

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Wow, very impressed with how quickly you get things out! I really appreciate you being very responsive to our requests.

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May 31, 2016 • Teams for Limnu

New Features!

  • Teams. This one is huge! You've been asking for it and today we released Teams for Limnu. Now you can sign up your entire team and manage team members and billing from our all-new admin interface. Team accounts get you:
    • 7 day free trial
    • Unlimited boards & collaborators
    • Board admin controls
    • Team admin controls
    • Security controls
    • Team-wide accessible boards

Sign up for a 7 Day Team Trial › 

Want even more info? Check out our blog post on the launch ›

  • Free Trial. You can now grab a free 7 day trial for a Pro plan or a Team plan. Love it after 7 days and we'll remind you to add your credit card to keep brainstorming and collaborating. Like it but don't love it? That's cool, we'll automatically downgrade your account to the free plan and you can keep using Limnu with a few restrictions. Check it all out on our pricing page ›


  • Lowered the price of the Pro Plans and added a 7 day free trial.
  • Admin interface has some major improvements. You can now more easily navigate the admin area, access your profile, etc. 
  • New Board creation button. 
  • The name of your board now shows up in your browser tab. 


April 4, 2016 • Roll Call

New Features!

  • Roll Call. See who's on your board right now, and who's not. The new people panel show you who's there. Click on the name of a person who's on the same board with you, and your view will be zoomed over to match what they're seeing.
  • Video Notification. A video chat icon keeps you updated when anyone is using video chat. No need to request people to join you, just entering the video chat room lets everyone know.


  • Pen and eraser tips are now always visible on desktop machines.
  • Zoom into the mouse cursor
  • The eraser got bigger and thicker, it's now 100% opaque.

Bug smashing:

  • Fixes to notifications on the board and on the board list.
  • Updated cursor hotspots.
  • Improved error reporting behind the scenes.

March 13, 2016 • Pins + Email Notifications

New Features!

  • PINS! This is one of those features we're really excited about! Pins give you the ability to add and organize shared bookmarks. Places a pin on the board that collaborators can see and use to navigate. Check out the blog post ›
  • Email Notification. Now you'll get an email when one of your collaborators joins your board and leaves a mark (or another action). This also includes the ability to unsubscribe/resubscribe to these notification emails per-board.


  • Consolidated Chat, Video & Pins panels into one, all under a right side menu button.
  • Added a fullscreen button to the video chat panel.
  • Updated toolbar icons to make tools accessible on smaller screens and mobile devices.
  • Added several cursors to desktop version, to show current mouse mode (draw, erase, select).

Bug smashing:

  • Fixed a bug with seen chats appearing unread.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

March 1, 2016 • Video Chat + iOS & Android Apps

New Features!

  • Video Chat! Integrated, free, and ridiculously easy video chat, via Check out the blog post, it's bananas
  • Simulsessions. You asked, we listened. You now have the ability to log in to a board multiple times with the same account. Useful for Limnuing on a computer with one hand and a tablet with the other. Or sharing your screen while drawing on your tablet. Or whatever else you are doing logging in to the same board multiple times, you crazy thing. No more of this:

  • A shiny new iOS app.

Available on the App Store

  • A shiny new Android app.

Get it On Google Play 



  • A fresh redesign of the chat window
  • The eraser got bigger & shows an eraser tip preview while drawing.
  • New hotkeys for zoom: the '+' and '-' keys. (also Shift +/-, and < >).
  • An option to use mouse wheel or trackpad for zooming by default.
    • And use the shift key to pan instead of zoom.

Bug smashing:

  • Various minor bug fixes.