Introducing Pins

Here's a handy new feature in Limnu we added this week. You and your collaborators can now put shared pins on your big boards to bookmark and name places, and help you remember where your work is and get back to it quickly!



To start adding pins to your board, open the pin panel using the person icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, then tap the pin icon on the panel's title bar. Right now you can add, name, visit, and delete shared pins. Everyone on the board can see and use the pins you add.

To add a pin, open the pin panel and hit the "Add New Pin" button at the bottom, then click on your board where you want the pin to go. It'll ask you for a name, and then you'll see the pin appear both on the board, and in the list of pins in the pin panel.

To visit a pin, you can click on the pin name in the pin panel, and your view will transport you so that the pin is in the center of your screen. If you need to delete a pin, there's an "X" on the right side of the pin panel.

Pretty soon you'll also be able to rename, move, and share individual links to pins too, so stay tuned!

Try Pins Now