Our new Slack integration: simpler, better, faster

Slack has recently made it possible for us to simplify our Slack-Limnu integration process down to pushing a single button. You used to have to follow a whole page of instructions to get the integration working. Now, we are not pulling your leg or jingling your bell when we say it's so easy, it's ridiculous.

Slack Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 1.41.32 PM

If you don't use Slack yet, it's a pretty good time to start. Aside from being amazingly pleasant and easy to use, and changing how your team communicates, Slack just added an App Directory and a /apps slash command that makes it super easy to find apps that integrate with Slack.

Slack Whiteboard

What does our new integration do for you? The main feature right now is it gives you a new /limnu [board name] slash command in Slack.

Slack SlashLimnu

It allows you to easily start a new board from a Slack channel of your choice, and automatically notify everyone in the channel by giving them a direct link to the board.

slack LimnuBoardLink

It takes all of 5 seconds to get a whole channel white-boarding together! Go Integrate now.

What's next? This new integration is just a few days old, so it hasn't filled out just yet, but soon you'll also have the ability to start a private board from Slack, and notify individual people or channels when you are ready. We're working on adding the ability to post image snippets of the board, activity updates from the board, and links to specific locations on the board. We're pretty sure you have your own ideas for more ways to connect Slack and Limnu that would support your workflow, that we haven't even thought of. Why not drop us a line and tell us what you need - chances are pretty good we'll start building it just for you and your team.