How's your cursive?

One of my favorite ways to test Limnu is writing stream-of-consciousness words to myself in cursive. Who writes in cursive anymore? I don't know, probably no-one, but it's fun. Sometimes I find myself suddenly staring at existential questions I can't answer.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 6.22.27 PM


Are you good at cursive? I'm not very good at it, and I never was. I never got to the point where I could write any word without stopping in the middle. I felt like we were supposed to be able to, but I always get stuck, and usually in a spot that's visible and makes the word look bad. With Limnu, I use a Wacom tablet, or a Microsoft Surface. Its not cool to write cursive with a mouse, and not as easy or fun with a finger or soft stylus as it is with a hard stylus.

Today I tried Googling "cursive", got a set of images from elementary school with lower- and upper-case cursive letters. Dragged one of them right from the search window onto my Limnu board, and started tracing letters like I was in 3rd grade again. I'd forgotten how to do most of the capital letters, and forgotten how many flowery and unnecessary movements we were taught to use.



Can you write cursive words smoothly without stopping? I'd love to hear it if you have any tips or tricks. If you feel like practicing your long-lost handwriting skills, or just reliving a little bit of grade school, grab a cursive template and drop it on your Limnu board.