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Solve problems and bring teams together—Limnu is your collaboration, brainstorming and online whiteboard solution.

Luisa uses Limnu to collaborate with people all over the world.

Luisa reached out to us on Facebook and let us know she’d just used Limnu (and Slack and Padlet) to complete a human-centered design challenge to build a healthy food revolution using locally grown, organic produce.

“In under two hours, 350 people from New Zealand, Nigeria, Germany, Australia and USA just researched, brainstormed, prototyped, and shared ideas”

Luisa R. | New York City

This group from all over the world was able to use the collective brainpower of 350 people and funnel that into a prototype that the team in Colombia could work with.

“Using Limnu helps me express my ideas and collaborate, visually, without the fear of standing at a whiteboard.”

Peter S. | San Francisco

Amanda uses Limnu to work with clients all over the country from brainstorm to contract.

Limnu has truly become the go-to tool for Amanda's workflow as a UI/UX consultant. She uses it during initial brainstorming meetings, to explain complex ideas and as a general sketch book for her projects.

“It’s incredible to go to a new-client meeting, brainstorm with them using Limnu, then drop that sketch straight into a contract.”

Amanda S. | Salt Lake City

Limnu’s security and sharing controls allow her to share boards with clients and team members so everyone has access to notes and drawings from meetings. This helps keep projects on track and everyone aligned.

“@LimnuApp (Worth noting that I ran out and bought an iPad Pro after trying Limnu—it's that good. Truly the whiteboard I've been waiting for).”

@nfarina, Twitter

D’Arcy uses Limnu to to link dozens of Collaboration Stations for students.

The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning at the University of Calgary set up 38 Collaboration Station carts — 50” touch screen TVs running different collaboration tools, including Limnu.

“We’ve been using Limnu in our 37 collaboration stations in the active learning studios, and it’s working great!”

D’Arcy N. | Calgary

The stations allow them to have students work in groups and share the whiteboards with either their group or push them to the entire class.

Add on the sharing and saving and this is one world-class solution to collaboration in an educational space. He even made a video and shared it with us.

"We have staff working remotely, and a big frustration had always been sketching on our board and not being able to have those team members easily view what was being sketched or written.

Thank you for addressing the need for a simple, collaborative brainstorming tool.“

Diego A. | Tampa

Shai uses Limnu to work with students during her virtual office hours and study sessions.

Shai is one of our great Limnu evangelists and has been from the early days. She is super active in the edtech space on Twitter—a proponent of flipped classrooms and formative assessments. She truly wants the best teaching methodologies and tools for her students.

"I love Limnu, as do my students. I have seen such an increase in grades since I have started using Limnu as a study tool. It is awesome."

Shai M. | State College, Pennsylvania

Limnu is her go-to tool during virtual office hours and study sessions. She wrote a blog post about using Limnu called Virtual Office Hours and Study Sessions.

“Really excellent product. We work remotely full time (I'm in Minneapolis and he's in San Francisco) but collaborate very closely and we've been looking for something like this. We've tried other ones and they've all frankly sucked. Yours is outstanding.”

James D. | Minneapolis

What Customers Say About Using Limnu

Limnu will surprise you with the ease of use and evidence of its ergonomics. Fluidity is purely remarkable. We are not very far from the feel of the blank page. The realism is striking. The interface is clear.

[Translated from French]

Fidel N.

Hi. Just tried out your product. Best whiteboard feeling ever. I am minimalist and it's really hard to pack a whiteboard into my backpack 🙂 But you need to get the ideas from your head to somewhere and drawing seems to be the most natural way. Marvellous product.

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