How do I share my board?

Limnu whiteboards are built for collaboration! Invite others to join your board to sketch and brainstorm in realtime.
  • Select Hamburger menu

  • Select Share Board

  • Share with a secure email invite, shared link or code

Is this a team board? All team members can access team boards on their Team Boards page. Team admins can share and add team members when sharing boards.

What is the difference between Email Invites and Shared Link?

Email invites are more secure than a shared link because only the person who receives the email can join the board. The links in email invites only work once so you can be sure it can't be used by others.
Shared links allow anyone with the link to join the board. If you are on a Pro or Team plan you can turn off link sharing at any time.

What is the share code?

If the person you want to invite has a Limnu account, they can use the code in the Enter Share Code section on their Boards page