Limnu named one of the Best Online Whiteboards with Realtime Collaboration

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With all the news of Google's Jamboard coming out we're seeing a renewed interest in online whiteboard solutions — in fact their announcement more than tripled our website visitors the day of their big announcement.

 Interested in Google Jamboard but looking for an alternative that doesn't require a $6k hardware purchase? Check us out, VOIP did and had this to say:

If the most authentic white board experience is what you are after, then look no further than Limnu.

A virtual whiteboard accessible through any web browser, and with its own mobile apps, Limnu offers the most realistic take so far on the virtual white board experience. The tools users can play with are shared amongst the other contenders on the list, although administrator features help this option stand out amongst only a few others with a similar function. However, Limnu goes as far as almost perfectly replicating the strokes of an actual white board marker to truly replicate the experience in the digital world. Without a surefire way to test the responsiveness, Limnu felt to be the most responsive, quickest updating and most fluid experience of the virtual whiteboards we have tested.

  • The Limnu User Experience stands out amongst the challengers as one of the strongest, replicating the visual and almost physical experience of writing on a white board with markers. Not to mention, easy to understand and quick to navigate menus.
  • Keyboard shortcuts, like E to open an eraser, S to select objects on screen, M to move around the white board, users can quickly and easily change tools settings on the fly, expanding on an already positive user experience.
  • Another point for the Limnu UX, everything drawn or written on the whiteboard can be selected, grouped, dragged, moved around as objects. Similar to a marquee selection tool, users can easily drag and select objects to rearrange them so you don’t have to erase and rewrite if something is not the in the right spot.

Thanks Matt Grech at Get Voip for reviewing Limnu. Check out the article on the Get Voip website ›