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Resources to get the most out of working with your remote team.

Limnu was made to communicate ideas and brainstorm with people that may not be in the same room as you are. We've learned a thing or two about what makes a successful remote team.

Distributed Corporate Culture – Common Mistakes That Erode Teams and Trust

It's easy to make mistakes that directly impact your distributed team and the culture you've created for them. These are the kinds of mistakes that lead to inefficiency, mistrust, and infighting. If you can avoid making them in the first place, you're leaps and bounds of where you could be, otherwise.

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How to Avoid Communication Pitfalls as a Remote Worker

Communication. It’s tricky. Sometimes what you mean and what you say come out in two totally different ways. Adding to this sticky wicket is technology, distance as a remote worker, and the many opportunities it brings to mangle your communication. If you’re a remote worker, the nonverbal cues and nuance are further removed because you can’t simply stroll into a team mate’s office and ask for clarification. Learn 7 ways to keep your communication clear and consistent with your team.

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Distributed Corporate Culture - How to Build a Positive Team

Perks can help grow your company culture; that’s part of the reason they’re there. They also encourage a sense of team. But when your team is spread out across multiple cities, or time zones, or continents, those kind of perks don’t work. So what can you do? Here’s a list of some of things that can help build your remote team...

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The Secret to Productive Remote UX Work: The Process and Tools

I’m in charge of User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) design at Limnu, and while I occasionally work onsite with most of the team, I also do a lot of remote work. Here are the process and tools I use, as a remote worker, to collaborate with clients on a small UX project.

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Distributed Corporate Culture- What it is, What it isn't

It's easy to mistake perks like that for the company's culture. Perks make people happy in the short-term, but culture is how people in a company interact with each other over the long-term. It’s the environment you do your job in every hour of every day. I like to think of the culture of a company as everything that isn't in the employee handbook.

So, what’s not in the handbook?

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11 Things to Know When You Are New to Remote Work

Thinking about doing remote work or just starting out? Maybe you’re a consultant or a freelancer and have been on distributed teams for a while, or maybe your office is starting to allow remote work or telecommuting. I polled one of the teams I work on to find out what advice they would give to someone new to remote work.

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