Sketch: The Constellation Orion

We want to use this blog to make announcements about Limnu, but we also want to use it to show off what Limnu to can do.  The "Sketch" series of posts is for showing off.
If you have a Limnu sketch that you'd like the world (or at least our readers) to see, please let us know!  You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and regular old email.

When you first learn  program, most of what you write are simple experiments. You write some variant of "Hello, World!", you write an infinite loop that counts as high as it can before you stop it (or you run into other issues), you make your first forays into pictures and graphics, and so on.

Eventually, you decide to write a program that's not only bigger than anything you've written before, but something that you can trade for something else.  For me, it was a program to show constellations, and I was doing it for points in my 5th grade science class.
So, for our first "Sketch Of The Moment" post, I thought I'd draw the constellation of Orion.  In the spirit of Limnu, I drew it as fast as I could... so poor Orion has a rather short torso and appears to be defending himself with a banana. That's ok, though: the sketch communicates what it needs to.
Next time we'll talk a little about rough sketches like this and what makes them so useful.