How's your cursive?

One of my favorite ways to test Limnu is writing stream-of-consciousness words to myself in cursive. Who writes in cursive anymore? I don't know, probably no-one, but it's fun. Sometimes I find myself suddenly staring at existential questions I can't answer.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 6.22.27 PM


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Limnu's secret codes

It has come to our attention that You need some keyboard shortcuts for desktop computers, and general improvements in Limnu's toolbox design. We have further discovered that some of you end up with an even more favorable opinion of Limnu when you discover that Limnu already has a few secret codes to make it easier to use.

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Slack integration

We've added a Slack integration to Limnu! It is really basic at the moment, but it lets you create a shared Limnu board right from Slack using a "slash command", and then everyone who's in the same channel where you typed the command will get a link to the new board.

Make a board:

Slack Integrate
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It pays to learn Limnu

Two weeks ago we quietly released several big changes to the way Limnu handles first-time users.

Quite a few people asked us for a way to try Limnu without signing up, and we have obliged! Now instead of needing to enter an email to start drawing, click "Try it Free", enter a nickname and you're in.

Free Trial
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Limnu has Images!

We've just released our most requested feature to date: the ability to import and draw on images on your whiteboard!

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The "edge map", or how to not get lost on your infinite board

Have you noticed Limnu doesn't have any traditional page boundaries or sizes? We want to make sure it feels at least as big as a real, physical whiteboard, and since it's digital, we figured we'd go all the way and let you make your board as big as you want. But, this decision does come with some tradeoffs.

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Quality of idea vs. Quality of image

For me, the best thing about rough sketches is this:

The quality of an idea can be separate from the quality of the drawing.

Is the sketch enough for you to recognize this?
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What the hell is that?

Guest Limnu doing some abstract sketching. Drawn by friend-of-the-team Drew Olbrich.

We have no idea what it is, but we like that he's sketching on Limnu!


Sketch: Lerp, Unlerp, and Remap

One of my favorite and most often used functions of all time is “remap”. That is not a standard name, it’s just what I call it. Remap is a more general version of the well known "lerp", which if you haven’t heard of it before, comes from smooshing the words “linear" & "interpolate” together, and remap can be built using lerp and its inverse, "unlerp".

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Sketch: Easy 90 degree vector rotation

I was putting clickable name tags into Limnu the other day – they show up when multiple people are drawing, and someone draws somewhere you can’t see. A name tag appears on the border of your screen, and you can click it to zoom over to their view.

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