Free Technology for Teachers features Limnu

Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers highlighted the benefits of Limnu for educators, including our new favorite feature, sticky notes! Limnu whiteboards are great for collaboration and sharing among teachers and students alike.

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Anatomy of a whiteboard diagram

Recently, our friend Peter Shirley speed-wrote a technical book, about how to write rendering software. He also wrote about the process of speed-writing a technical bookHis goals were to show that 1- writing high quality rendering software is fun and can be done easily and quickly, and 2- writing a technical book can also be fun and done easily and quickly.

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Drawing for Memory

A while back, a friend of mine took a physiology course. She started having trouble because rote memorization isn't really her thing. We spent a long time talking about how to make it easier for her to get the information from the course to stick in her head.

Initially, she was trying to memorize information in the form of a block of text, like this:

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Les Outils Collaboratifs features Limnu

Merry Christmas! The French site Les Outils Collaboratifs shared Limnu with readers, highlighting the usefulness of digital whiteboards for group brainstorming. Fidel Navamuel also wrote about how he thinks Limnu is the best thing since sliced bread. Really, he did. But the article is written in French, so you might have to take our word for it.

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Our new Slack integration: simpler, better, faster

Slack has recently made it possible for us to simplify our Slack-Limnu integration process down to pushing a single button. You used to have to follow a whole page of instructions to get the integration working. Now, we are not pulling your leg or jingling your bell when we say it's so easy, it's ridiculous.

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WWWhat's New features Limnu

WWWhat's new, devoted to technology, internet and marketing, highlighted the Limnu integration with Slack and how the tool works for groups and individuals.

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Limnu on Product Hunt

Product Hunt Logo

Check us out on Product Hunt!

Limnu was recently featured on Product Hunt. Check us out, swing us an up vote, live long and prosper!

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Limnu on Slack



Limnu is now available in the Slack App Directory!

Super easy to add a whiteboard to your favorite Slack channel, login to your Limnu account to get started.

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Sometimes you just need to make room

Have you ever sketched something on a whiteboard, needed to squeeze in a new idea that doesn't fit, and realized you didn't quite plan it out like a boss? We have! But you shouldn't have to plan out a brainstorm, right? So Limnu just got a pretty big upgrade, and now you can select and move all the things! 

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Limnu featured in Daily Utah Chronicle

Jack Porter from the Daily Utah Chronicle reviewed Limnu for a recent article on digital collaboration tools. Limnu founders David (grue) DeBry and Dave Hart, both U grads, are passionate about the need to brainstorm in modern work teams.

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