Limnu For Teams is Here!

Brainstorm with your group, even when you aren’t in the same place.

We are thrilled to release Limnu for Teams! Now you can easily manage your whiteboards across your entire team. Team accounts get you:

  • 7 day free trial
  • Unlimited boards & collaborators
  • Board admin controls
  • Team admin controls
  • Security controls
  • Team-wide accessible boards
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7 Tips and Tricks for Brainstorming With a Remote Team

Sometimes you need a free flowing river of ideas to solve a problem or kick off a project. 

Time to bring in the team!

But what if your team is spread out across a city, the country, or even the world? How do you brainstorm together when you’re working in different buildings, different cities, or even different countries?

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Stylus Reviews, part 2

Welcome back to our series of blog posts reviewing drawing styluses. If you're catching up, the tl;dr is that we test a lot of styluses and devices while creating the collaborative whiteboard software that is Limnu, and we thought we'd tell you what we've learned about those styluses. You can find the previous post here.

Rechargeable Apex

I'll start with the Rechargeable Apex by Lynktec.

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Stylus Reviews, part 1

A while back I wrote a post about what I thought about drawing with a mouse or on a trackpad (spoiler: it's like drawing with a bar of soap). Since then, we've received a lot of requests from our users to what styluses we like, especially for a collaborative online whiteboard like Limnu.

Since we regularly test Limnu on a whole pile of devices with a wide variety of styluses, I thought I'd start a series of blog posts talking about what we've learned. This first post covers two styluses.

Pinpoint Precision Stylus

The first is the Pinpoint Precision Stylus (3rd Gen), made by The Joy Factory.

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How to Structure a Design & Image Library

Limnu has been working with Sawaya Consulting for several months now. We've completed dozens of projects, created hundreds of files, and we're dealing with about 3.5 GB of assets. Life at Limnu moves fast and every once in a while we have to take a step back and put in some structure to make sure we can continue to move fast.

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Virtual office hours with Mrs. McGowan

Shai McGowan, a high school teacher from Pennsylvania and avid education technology blogger, wrote about her experiences using Limnu whiteboards in her evening study sessions with students. Mrs. McGowan included her complete process, from selecting convenient times for students to setting up her work area at home for maximum benefit. In addition, Mrs. McGowan highlights some of the best features for educators, including our new Pins feature, which allows her to keep track of students who participate in the study sessions.

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Limnu Presents at LaunchUp: Recap

We want to thank LaunchUp for hosting us last night. We had a great time presenting alongside GoBacon and Axon Optics

This was one of our first public presentations and we are glad it went over so well. Thank you to the other startups, entrepreneurs, friends, and family that attended. The audience had some good questions and feedback and the breakout session had a crowd that wanted to try out Limnu. 

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Tonight is the night! Join us at LaunchUp in Salt Lake City

Blood, sweat, tears and virtual markers have been shed. We're ready to present at LaunchUp tonight — we hope to see you there!

We're excited to talk about where we are and how we got here. Plus, we have an elephant!

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Introducing Pins

Here's a handy new feature in Limnu we added this week. You and your collaborators can now put shared pins on your big boards to bookmark and name places, and help you remember where your work is and get back to it quickly!

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Limnu is presenting at LaunchUp!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been chosen to present at LaunchUp! If you are in the Salt Lake City area we invite you to join us for this free event.

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