Jamboard too expensive? Limnu is a great alternative.

Limnu was one of the featured solution in TechRepublic's recent article: Google Jamboard too pricy? Here are 4 low-cost virtual whiteboard app alternatives. They had this to say, "Even if a high-end conference room touchscreen is beyond your budget, you might still explore these virtual whiteboards for your team."

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Communicating with Pictures — Customer Story

I work with people from Africa and Middle east, and found out, that Limnu is superb to use, when we communicate. A painting or a picture can tell more exactly, when I have to explain something for them, when they don't speak well danish.

— Bjarne H. (Denmark)

Glad to hear it and thanks for sharing Bjarne!

Limnu Pins just got better!

Pins Just Got Better!

Pins are awesome — they let you make lists and keep track of things, they let you send a link to a specific part of a whiteboard, and now they are even better.

Pins in Limnu

Let’s start with the basics—what are pins?

Pins are similar to how they work on a map, you can mark a certain location on your Limnu whiteboard. This is extra handy since Limnu is an infinite whiteboard in all directions.

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Limnu named one of the Best Online Whiteboards with Realtime Collaboration

Get VOIP cover shot

With all the news of Google's Jamboard coming out we're seeing a renewed interest in online whiteboard solutions — in fact their announcement more than tripled our website visitors the day of their big announcement.

 Interested in Google Jamboard but looking for an alternative that doesn't require a $6k hardware purchase? Check us out, VOIP did and had this to say:

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3 Causes of Death for Your Big Idea — Noise, Speed, and Fear

3 Causes of Death for Your Big Idea — Noise, Speed, and Fear

More than ever, in our world’s demand for innovation, your Big Idea needs a place to incubate, to grow, and to learn from others. It’s hard enough to let your Big Idea take shape when your entire team is together. 

But what happens when your thinkers span states, countries, time zones?

Your Big Idea gets neglected. Other obligations make more noise. Remote collaboration becomes too difficult. Logistics get in the way. People aren’t given the environment they need to collaborate. Innovation and deep thinking is sacrificed for surviving the next wave of emails. The Big Idea sits neglected.

You might find the top killers of your Big Idea look a little more familiar than you’d expect.

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Limnu Customer Stories: Collaboration Stations

Ice ice baby,
Ice ice baby,
All right stop,
Collaborate, and listen

Ok, we always think that quoting Vanilla Ice is much funnier than it really is. Thanks for indulging us. Let’s talk about collaboration—check out these cool collaboration station carts that D’Arcy Norman at The Taylor Institute at the University of Calgary has installed Limnu on.

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Sharing Limnu boards just got easier

Limnu is all about collaboration. You need other people drawing with you, and that means sharing your boards. Whether you share your boards via Slack, with a link or with a share code we have the right solution for you. 

Share Codes

Today we're going to talk about Share Codes. These are great when you want to share your board with people using one of the Limnu mobile apps (get the iOS app here and the Android one here) or when you want to share with a room full of people. Just give them the share code and instead of trying to type in a long web address.

We've made sharing a Limnu board even easier by making our share codes shorter—and dare we say more fun?

So, for all you crazy tarsiers and regular people, let's look at the new share codes.

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Introducing Solo Draw Mode

Many of our customers asked to be able to turn off collaboration temporarily, and prevent anyone else from drawing for a while. This feature is handy if you need to talk about your initial ideas before you collaborate, or focus the conversation and set the right context before letting everyone loose on your board.

We love giving you things you ask for, so here's Solo Draw mode!

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Building Better Customers — An Interview with Our Marketing Consultant

Our marketing consultant, Sunny Hunt of Hunt Interaction, was featured on the FS Local Blog. 

Building Better Customers – Behind the Business with Sunny Hunt of Hunt Interaction

Check out the great interview (and maybe catch a glimpse of Limnu in there as well)! She talks about her business strategy, stories from the trenches, and advice for aspiring business owners. 

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What is Premultiplied Alpha? A Primer for Artists.

If you work with digital images that have transparency in them, and use any software besides Photoshop, you might run into the term “premultiplied alpha.” Texture artists, compositors, film-makers, technical directors, game artists, and graphics programmers all run into premultiplied alpha sooner or later. Premultiplied alpha sounds like a mathematical mouthful, so what does it mean?

Despite the intimidating "mathy" sounding name, premultiplied alpha is actually a very simple and non-technical concept. Let me break it down for you.

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