How do I delete things on my board?

There are a few ways to get rid of stuff you don't need anymore.

 You can use the erase tool — this is great for taking out just a part of your drawing. 

You can also select strokes and then hit delete on your keyboard
by clicking the X in the top left.

Does Limnu have hotkeys?

We sure do! Hot keys, key commands, keyboard shortcuts—whatever you call them, get the most out of Limnu Whiteboards with these keyboard tricks.

For you super productivity pros we've set up:

Mobile / Tablet Hotkeys

2 Finger Scroll - Move and pan around your board.

2 Finger Pinch - Zoom around your board, giving you more flexibility than the pre-set zoom limits.

Desktop Hotkeys

D - Draw with marker

P - Draw with pen

E - Erase

S - Select mode 

N - Create a note

Shift + T - Create a Text Box

 L - Draw linesA - Draw arrowsB - Draw boxesO - Draw ovals 

J - Previous color

K - Next color[ - Make tip smaller] - Make tip larger


M - Move (pan) mode
You can also use the arrow keys to move around.

+ - Zoom in- - Zoom out

X - Go to next pin.

Z - Go to previous pin

1 + Enter/Return - Go to first pin0 + Enter/Return - Go to last pin Holding down Shift after you begin drawing a shape, constrains rectangles to squares, ovals to circles, and arrows to have angles that are multiples of 90 degrees.

How do I change between a team and pro plan?

If you are a member of several plans — maybe you have your own Pro plan and you belong to a couple teams — you can change plans using the arrow next to your name.

Remember: Your boards belong to either your pro account or a team account — for security purposes you can't move boards between these plans.

How does team admin work?

To learn all about teams, admin and security, please visit the Limnu for Teams page. 

Getting everyone on board and managing their security and sharing settings is super easy.
Add, edit, and delete team members anytime you want.

Limnu for Teams allows you to choose administrators, decide who can share boards outside of your team, lock the whole team down tight or open it up for big collaborations. The choice is yours and you can change your mind, anytime.


Check out our video walkthrough to learn about team administration. 


How do I add a bunch of people to my team?

Once you have a team setup it’s super easy to add everyone on your team. You can add individual emails or you can copy and paste a bunch of emails into the box.

Want to know something super cool? You can paste whatever you want into that box and Limnu is smart enough to find the email addresses, so you can export a team directory to a CSV or PDF and then do a massive copy/paste and you’ll see just the emails and can review before inviting.

Have more than a few but not enough to need to export to a directory? Here’s a nifty way to handle it:

Step 1: Start composing an email in your mail app of choice, add everyone that you want to invite…

Step 2: Copy/paste that entire group of people into the address box.

Step 3: Limnu will sort through the data, find the email addresses and you are ready to go!

Check out our video walkthrough to learn how to add a lot of people to your team at once. 

Can I type on my whiteboard?

Yup, yup, yup!

  • Select the Note or Text icon.
  • Click on the board where you want to type, or drag your cursor to make it the size you want.
  • Start typing or paste text from another document.

On a desktop? Use hotkeys:

N - Note Mode

Shift + T - Text Mode

On smaller devices the Notes & Text are in the tools menu under the Marker icon.

Can I add images and files to my whiteboard?

Yes! There are a few ways to add images and other files to a Limnu board.

  • Drag and drop a file from your desktop.
  • Copy and paste an image.
  • Use the Add File button and select from your files or from your photos on a mobile device.


The file types supported include:

  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • SVG
  • Word Document
  • Excel
  • Power Point

All files upload as an image and an image will be created for each page of a multi page document. Use markers, shapes, and sticky notes to mark up the image.